Impropriety (Volume 1) - Country Dances

Impropriety Volume 1 coverHow to order

The book is out of print, however you can buy a digital copy from the CDSS online store.

Video Links

Here are videos that most accurately show how some of these dances are meant to be done.

The MollyAndrew
Puck's Deceit - while the dance was written with a driving dance walk in mind, I love the energy of the skipping in this video


At Nancy's House begins with circle left and back to the right.

Dances included in this first volume

  • English Country Dances
    • At Nancy’s House 
    • The Black Cat    
    • Caravan Crossing      
    • Cottonwood        
    • The Friendly Brooke      
    • Heydaze  
    • Home Again        
    • Impropriety 
    • Lavender     
    • The MollyAndrew     
    • On Wittman’s Golden Floor        
    • Paul’s Pet Peeve        
    • Puck’s Deceit        
    • Rogue’s Ramble        
    • Sun Return        
    • A Trip to Town-O     
    • Winter Garden        
  • Scottish Country Dances
    • Gypsy Silver        
    • Dish-oriented      
    • Larkin Grace        
    • The Lazy Piper

Impropriety CD cover


Dave Bartley, Shira Kammen, Anita Anderson, Jim Oakden

This CD includes all the English country dances published in Impropriety Volume I, the Country Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, performed by the band Roguery.

Roguery is: Anita Anderson (piano, voice, bells, zils) and Dave Bartley (guitars, cittern, mandolin, dumbek) from Seattle, WA, Jim Oakden (recorders, clarinets, banjo, whistle , guitar, accordion) from Santa Cruz, CA, and Shira Kammen (fiddle, viola, vielle, voice) from Berkeley, CA, who met in the Rogue Valley of Oregon to record this album.

The band's varied influences include English, contra, early music, classical, Breton, Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Galician, French, Balkan, jazz-fusion, gospel, Scandinavian, and Greek.