Brooke Friendly is an energetic, community oriented teacher with strong programming skills whose specialties include dance choreography, teaching with global/positional language, and teaching dance in K-12 schools, university and community settings. She has been on staff at dance and music camps and events throughout North America, England, and   Australia.

"Brooke brings an unusual number of strong qualities to her country dance teaching. These include: her passion for dancing; her strong sense of the dance, choreography, movement style and phrasing (she is a beautiful dancer); her friendly (she is well-named) yet commanding personality; her ability to convey directions concisely and clearly; and her creativity and her sense of humor and whimsy. To add to that, she has a strong sense of what makes for a good community, a crucial quality for country dance leaders. She makes the learning experience fun and relaxing."
-- Jacqueline Schwab, country dance teacher and musician, member of the band Bare Necessities

Brooke is a proud member of The Country Dance and Song Society, and recently completed six years as secretary of the CDSS board. If you are not a CDSS member, this is a great time to join!