Impropriety Volume VI - Country Dances

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Here are videos that most accurately show how some of these dances are meant to be done.

A New Leaf

Dances included in Volume VI

  • English Country Dances

      Act with Agility
      Amethyst Brook
      Blackberry Sorbet
      Chintimini's Shadow
      Dance in the Hallway
      Gray Jay
      Mischa's Twirl
      A New Leaf
      Patch the Pipes
      Pilot Rock
      Play On
      Pour Me Another
      Rogue Rapids
      A Star Danced
      There and Back Again
      Touch Wood
      Willow Creek




Dave Bartley, Shira Kammen, Anita Anderson, Jim Oakden

This CD (A New Leaf) includes all of the English country dances published in Impropriety Volume VI, the Country Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, performed by the band Roguery.

Roguery is: Anita Anderson (piano, voice), Dave Bartley (guitars, cittern, mandolin, tenor banjo, electric bass, percussion), Jim Oakden (recorders, clarinets, whistles, gaita, accordion, tenor banjo, guitar, kelhorn, pandeireta), and Shira Kammen (fiddle, vielle, viola, harp, nyckleharpa) from Berkeley CA.

The band's varied influences include English, contra, early music, classical, Breton, Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Galician, French, Balkan, jazz-fusion, gospel, Scandinavian, and Greek.